Being new to Utah I saw the RC Willey commercials and liked them.The store in Draper spoke of high quality.

I purchased two down couches, a recliner rocker, kitchen table and 3 mattresses. I had drapes made to compliment the recliner printed fabric Immediately we knew that something was wrong with the recliner. It leaned to the right and had large gaps in the seat cushion along the sides where everything (TV control, cellphone, etc) fell into. The down couches began to release feathers and they were sharp enough to give a good poke to the person sitting there.

Upon inspection we learned that instead of being filled with down feathers they were more like goose quills, some as long as 6". After inspection by a store tech, RC Willey agreed to take the defective items back and replace with something of our choice. When I purchased the mattresses I didn't buy top of the line. They were to be used as guest beds only.

I bought the European bedframes, knowing that cruise ships and hotels use them so they must offer support. Within the year our guests complained that they were not comfortable. Tech came out and insisted that we needed the box springs instead of the steel frames. I have called several mattress places and have been told that the frames are quite sturdy and should work fine.

Now for another fight with RC Willey. I don't think I will purchase anything from them in the future. My friend, who is in the market for new furniture refuses to even look at RC Willey because of our experience. To make matters worse, when I went to the CEO and the head of customer service to complain about the couches, both said they had sold hundreds of these same couches without a complaint or return.

The techs and delivery persons told me different.There have been so many returns of the MD or DM made product RC Willey was going to discontinue selling them.

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I have had same problems with the sofa and arm chair I bought. Inferior quality.


I had a few issues as well.I bought a fridge for 3 grand when I got it it was not working at all.

They did replace it the next day. The fridge salesman was great. I bought a bed for a few grand great service and delivery. I just bought a desk for 1 grand had to wait a little over a week for it but it came today.

It's a heavy desk but not my problem I pay for delivery. When they came with the desk I was so happy. Then I saw damage on it I could not take the desk. It cost a lot of money why would I want a damaged desk.

Then I saw more damage someone used paint to cover the damage. One of the drivers told me we can cover the damage with I guess paint. I told him no would you keep a desk with damage of course not. So I refused it.

The other driver told me well it won't fit. But we know it will he told me I could pick out another desk at the store what is this a joke. So he got me another desk. Then I get a call it will be at my home on Friday.

Not good I said. I took today off work to get this damaged desk. He said he would call me back. But no call.

This is draper Utah store. I bought a lot of things from this company. And now I'm never going to buy from there again. Customer service is great till you buy the item.

Why should anyone keep damaged goods. Now they want me to wait till Friday and *** work to get another desk.

I think they should have to pay consumers for loss of work with damage items.Stay away from draper Utah store heqsju

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1019616
Rc Willey Home Furnishings Verified Representative

I'm sorry about the issue with your furniture and the service.I would be happy to follow up with our management about your complaint, but would need more information to do so.

Can you provide the name and phone number on the account, or even the account number itself?

Anything you can provide will help so I can follow up with our management.Please send me an email to my email address listed below with the information.

Adam Young

Online Customer Service Manager

RC Willey Corporate Offices


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